American modernist literature:

Characteristics, tendencies, important ideas and important people

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Imagism was a movement in the early 20th-century which favoured precisions of images and clear sharp language. In contrast to the romanticists, the imagists rejected sentiments, instead they sought a direct treatment of the ‘thing'. Thoughts could be treated as images and the hope was that poems could intensify a sense of objective reality through images.
  • There is no use of superfluous word, no adjective which does not reveal something.
  • Use the language of common speech
  • Imagists believed that the individuality of a poet may be often better expressed in free verse

(from the Imagist manifesto

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Other important ideas

Important writers:


American modernistic writers:

American modernistic famous authors from the period could be ones like the following listed: Ernest Hemmingway, Sinclair Lewis, F. Scott Fitzgerald, John Dos Passos, Djuna Barnes, Gertrude Stein, John Steinbeck and Edith Wharton.
We have chosen to immerse the broad way of writing in the modernistic period. American modernist writers dealt with many different topics, and it can be said that the range of topics widened during this period. Now authors examined such diverse topics as gender, race, the metropolis, the fall of the American dream, etc. Many writers felt that the old values had collapsed and the whole business of creating art had to be reinvented, which led to fx. cubism, imagism, vorticism, postimpressionism and futurism, acmeism and naturalism.

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