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Summary: (By Tansu & Nathalie)
The narrator is Nick Carraway. We see the world through his point of view as he moves to a new Place, becoming neighbors with Jay Gatsby whom he ‘loves’ or admire. The story tells us the efforts of the great Gatsby who is very wealthy. Apparently he hasn’t always been part of the upper class, even though it appears that way. Gatsby’s real name is James Gatz a (lower middle class) boy who has worked hard throughout his entire life, because he believed in the American Dream and wanted to experience it himself.
In summer of 1922 he falls in love with a rich girl called Daisy(comes of as very materialistic).
Nick works in Manhattan, where he often goes visiting his rich friends Daisy and Tom(Tom famous golfer)(lives in East Egg?)
It’s rather complicated since Gatsby or Gatz’s love with Daisy and has been so ever since his time in the military. Daisy married to Tom who also has another girlfriend/lover named Myrtle. Tom has an affair with Myrtle and Daisy has an affair with Gatsby.
One night when Tom is leaving to head home he sees Gatsby watching a greenlight.
Nick goes home with Mr. McKey(photographer) ?
One day Nick gets an invitation from Gatsby to go to one of his many parties. At first he doesn’t realize who Gatsby, but soon he does and they end up becoming very good friends.
Gatsby is nice to nick and one day while Gatsby is driving Nick to the city he tells him about his past. At this time Nick doesn’t know whether he should believe the stories that he’s being told or not.
Nick helps Gatsby and Daisy to get together
Myrtle has been killed by Daisy, yet Gatzby is the one being accused by the Tom. One day while relaxing in the sun he gets shot.
At Gatz funeral only two people shows up. His dad and Nick who for first time gets to know the real James gatz, thanks to his dad.
The story questions the American Dream. Gatz has use illegal methods in order to become rich …

Nick moves from New York, to live next door to Gatsby. Nick falls in love with Gatsby. Real name James Gats and he falls in love with a rich girl named Daisy. Daisy unhappy, Tom has a Mistress (girlfriend) Murtle (she is married to the man who owns the Gas station). Gatsby goes to the army. Daisy is having affair with Gatsby (falls in love).He always wished to become rich, so he invented a new identity, as a rich man. Friends with Dan Cody = rich. Poor, so Gatsby started selling illegal liquor and weapons. Gatsby is covering the murder of Murtle. Nick is dating Jordan Baker. Nick meets a man at the party, and takes him home. George kills Gatsby, because of the murder of Murtle. The only ones who came to his funeral were Henry and Nick. Henry was Gatsby’s father, and he was proud of what he had achieved. Obsessed with the past. He wants to be in the upper class. Prove to him that he belongs to the upper class if he can get Daisy.
Nadia R. and Rasmus V.


lives next to Gatsby

Gatsby is fake; fell in love with Daisy

set is 1922

Nick nows Daisy and Tom

Daisy is unhappy

Nick, Jordan dates him

sees mr. Gatsby looking over the water

Depression area; gas station => to work

Tom has an affair with Myrtle, she is married to the man whom own the Gasstation, George Wilson

Gatsby has a lot of parties

Gatsby Went to oxford; family tradition

Jordan explains Gatsby's history

Wants nick to invite Daisy to dinner at Nick's.

Daisy has an affair with Gatsby

Daisy doesn't likes the parties= they stop

Gatsby was poor ; worked for a rich man; became an officer

Daisy waited some years

Daisy married another man=Tom

Hottest day of the summer go to Daisy and Tom's house.

They confront them

Daisy is halfhearted about it

Tom knows Gatsby is a criminal

Tom realizes that he has won

Daisy and Gatsby drives home together

Nick sees a car accident, at the gas station=Myrtle has been killed

Nick is lurking; daisy drove the car=Gatsby is covering for her.

Gatsby can't believe he lost her

Mytle's husband murders Gatsby because he thinks he killed his wife

No one comes to his funeral

Gatsby's father comes to the funeral

Nick moves back to the mid-west

Breaks up with Jordan over the phone

Mikkel Maj & Chris

The story is about a guy called Henry Gatz but has changed his name to Jay Gatsby. He is in love with a girl, Daisy, he met before he attempted World War I. Daisy is rich and Gatsby isn’t but because he is wearing his uniform Daisy doesn’t know this. Daisy has married a man called Tom, while Gatsby was serving in the war.

The Great Gatsby
We hear the story from Nick Carraway point of view and he is Jay Gatsby's neighbour. Gatsby is a rich man, but he has been poor his whole life. He got rich, because he is in love with an upper class girl named Daisy, and he is determined to get her back. But she's married and they have an affair while she still is married. They decide to tell Tom (Daisy's husband) that they're in love and Daisy wants to leave him. She change her mind, because Tom says Gatsby is a criminal. Gatsby and Daisy are on their way home, when they run down Myrtle. Tom tells George that Gatsby killed Myrtle intentionally. Myrtle's husband George Wilson kills Gatsby while he is floating in the pool.

Other notes:
Son of poor farmers in Minnesota. Became friends with a rich man. Officer. Criminal. Organized crime. James Gatz = real name
Obsessed with the past. Daisy = money + upperclass. American dream.
- He had to become a criminal to achieve his dreams.
Emilie Keeeent

It’s about a man, whose name is Nick. He moves to New York, so he lives next door to Gatsby. Actually he falls in love with Gatsby. Gatsby dreams about being rich. He falls in love with Daisy. He wants her because it would symbolise that his rich. Daisy gets married with Tom, but Tom has an affair with another woman. Gatsby and Daisy start to have an affair. They confront Tom and Tom let Daisy drive home with Gatsby. On their way they drive down another woman and kill her. It’s shows out to be the gas stations owners’ wife Myrtle. Gatsby says it was Daisy who had drove the car and he just recovering her. After that, Daisy chooses to stay with Tom. Gatsby got murdered in his pool by the gas station owner George Wilson because of the murder of his wife. Nick tries to get people coming to his funeral, but only Nick and Gatsbys’ father shows up. After that Nick leaves his boyfriend Jordan and moves back to the Middle East.

Louise Pernille Melsted

The story takes place in the 1920s New York, the jazz era of the United States. Nick Carraway, the narrator, lives beside a great mansion where a rich man named Jay Gatsby lives. Nick gets an invitation to a party on the mansion where he participates and ends up talking with an interesting older man. First when he criticizes the host for not being present, he realizes that the older man actually is the upper-class host, Gatsby – Embarrassed by his statement, he apologizes and Gatsby smiles understandingly. A smile that makes an huge impact on Nick.
- Majs

The narrator (Nick Carroway) is a guy from mid-west who moves to NY, and meets Gatsby, and he ''falls'' in love with Gatsby and what he represent, he finds out that his real name really isn't Gatsby but: James Gats, and that he was poor, and Gatsby is just a fictive (rich) persona. And later on he starts selling illegal liquor and weapons.
Gatsby is in love with a rich girl named Daisy, but couldn't marry her, because he was poor. But they are still in love. She waited for him, but after the war she got married to a guy named Tom. But Tom has a ''girlfriend'' named Myrtle, and she is married to the owner of the Gas station .
Myrtles gets killed, and Gatsby cover the murder. But then George (husband to Myrtle) kill Gatsby.

Kristine Larsen.

The great Gatsby
The story takes place in 1922. We follow the view from Nick who is Gatsby´s neighbor and they meet each other at party and Gatsby is the host. Gatsby and Nick have a history because they were in the army, the first division, at the same time in World War one. Nick could be homosexual but we don’t know for sure. The story says he falls in love with Gatsby which could mean that he is fascinated by him. We find out that Gatsby actually is poor and comes from South Dakota where he was a farmer. His real name is James Gats and he created a factionary background and a new name because he always wanted to be rich and be born in a rich family. Gatsby gained money by working for a rich person on his yacht. Later when WW 1 started he joined the army and became an officer where he fell in love with a girl name Daisy who is from the upper-class and rich but she marries Tom. Then she begins to have affairs. Daisy is the girl Gatsby is obsesses of. He thinks by winning her he would get himself to believe that he belongs to the upper-class because she represents money and the upper-class.
Gatsby dies because he takes the blame for the car accident and death of Myrtle. He dies because her husband tracks the owner of the car who is Gatsby and then shoots him while he is lying in the pool. The only two persons who came to Jay Gatsby´s funeral were Nick and his father who was proud of what his son had achieved.
- Martin

The Great Gatsby
The story takes place in 1922. We follow a man, Nick who moves to New York to begin his carrier. Nick ends up living next to a rich man called Gatsby. Nick kind of falls in love with Gatsby and what re represents. Gatsby is in love with Daisy, a girl he met while he was in the army. Daisy was rich and a part of Gatsby's love to her, was rooted in what Daisy represents: money. But Daisy married another guy, Tom who is a friend of Nicks. Tom tells Nick about his affair with a married woman, Myrtle.
Gatsby tells Nick about his love to Daisy and wants him to set up a meeting between Gatsby and Daisy. They find out that they still love each other and therefore they decide to confront Tom. Daisy tells that she never really loved Tom, but regret it when Tom explains that Gatsby is a criminal and that's how he became rich. So Daisy stays with Tom. That night a car accident took place were Murtle got killed. Murtle's husband tracks down the car and founds out that the owner is Gatsby. Murtle's husband shut Gatsby.
Gatsby was an invention. It wasn't his real name. Gatsby was son of a poor farmer and in order to win Daisy's love, he created a hole new identity and became rich. The story is an example of the American dream: that you can become anything no matter where you come from, even if you are poor. But the story also rejects that as Gatsby has to become criminal to achieve his prosperity.
- Besare

Louise Bidstrup:
Jay Gatsby is rich and throws parties every weekend. He is in love with Daisy, who is unhappy married to Tom. Daisy and Gatsby fell in love during the war, but after the war Daisy married Tom.

The narrator, Nick Carraway, sets up a meeting for Gatsby and Daisy, and the find out that they’re still in love. But later on when Daisy tells Tom that she wants to be with Gatsby, Tom tells that Gatsby is a criminal, and because of Daisy’s weakness, she stays with Tom.

Afterwards there is a car accident, where Myrtle is killed, and Tom tells Myrtle’s husband, George Wilson, that it is Gatsby’s fault. George finds Gatsby’s house and kills him.
At Gatsby’s funeral most people stay away. After this happening Nick moves back to the mid-west to make his own money and start over.

Kenneth - Overview

It tells the story of Jay Gatsby, with Nick Carraway as the narrator and leading person. Nick has moved from the Mid-West to New York. His neighbor is the Jay Gatsby. Nick’s cousin Daisy Buchanan, her husband Tom Buchanan, and her longtime friend Jordan Baker, also lives in New York.

Nick grows to be friends with Gatsby, and Gatsby tells him that he once fell in love with Daisy, when he was in the army.

Gatsby and Daisy reveals to each other that they still love one another. They confront Tom with their love, but Daisy decides to stay with Tom, though she does not truly love him.

Gatsby tells Nick of his background. That Jay Gatsby his actually another identity he created, and he is in truth a poor man’s son. Gatsby began working at a rich man, and after he died, Gatsby joined the army where he fell in love with Daisy. He became rich through organized crime, of selling illegal liquor.

Daisy tells Tom that she never really loved Tom, and Tom tells her to leave.

A strange accident happens, where Myrtle Wilson, Tom’s mistress, is hit by a car, which her husband George Wilson says was driven by Daisy. Gatsby covers for her, and tells that he drove the car, and she was just a passenger.

George grows furious and shoots Gatsby while he is in his pool.

Nick tries to convince people to show up to Gatsby’s funeral, but hardly anyone shows up.

Nick then moves back to the Mid-West.

The Great Gatsby
The narrator, Nick Carraway, moves from the Mid-West to New York, where he becomes friends with Gatsby, who is also his neighbor. Gatsby lives in a big mansion, and there is always a party there. Nick is in a relationship with a girl named Jordan, who is friends with a girl called Daisy. Daisy is married to a man called Tom.
Gatsby has not always been rich. He grew up in a poor family, but he has always wanted to become rich and appear like one who has always been rich. During the war, when he is an officer, he falls in love with Daisy, but because he is not rich, he cannot marry her. He becomes rich by committing crimes and then he meets Nick Carraway. He asks him to do him a favor, which includes that Nick has to invite both Gatsby and Daisy for dinner. Here they declare that they are still in love.
Daisy and Tom is invited to a party at Gatsby’s mansion, but because Daisy doesn’t like this Gatsby stops throwing these parties.
One summer day Nick, Jordan and Gatsby join Tom and Daisy’s house for dinner, where Daisy tells Tom, that she never really loved him but always had loved Gatsby. Tom says that it is nonsense and that she shall not leave him because Gatsby has become rich by committing crimes. He knows that he has won and tells them to drive to Gatsby’s mansion together. On the way there is an accident where Myrtle is killed. Myrtle is having an affair with Tom. Gatsby tells that Daisy was driving the car, and that he is covering for her. Myrtles husband, George Wilson, who is the owner of the gas station, want’s to find the owner of the yellow car, which was the car which hit and killed his wife. In the end Tom tells him that the owner is Gatsby, and George shoots him in his own house. At the funeral nobody shows but Nick and Gatsby’s father, who is proud of his son’s achievements.
- Nadia Wührnfeldt Hansen

The Great Gatsby

Nick Carraway is the narrator in the story. He comes from Minnesota. He moves to New York and rents a house. Nicks neighbour is Gatsby, who throws parties very often. One night Nick is invited to one of Gatsby’s parties. He becomes curious about him. He finds out that Gatsby is in love with his cousin, Daisy. But she already has a man, Tom.

Nick gets Gatsby and Daisy together, and they decide that they still are in love with each other. They are having an affair. Then one day they decide to tell Tom, that they still are in love. he does not like the announcement.

The Myrtle dies in a car crash. Myrtle’s husband blames Tom for the death, but Tom informs him that it was Gatsby’s car that killed the woman. The mechanic goes to Gatsby’s house, where he shoots Gatsby and then himself. Daisy refuses to confess to her crime, and only a few people, including Gatsby’s father Henry, show up for Gatsby’s funeral.

Gatsby is really not who he claims to be. He lies tome get social status.

Line L and Jessica